Howard Surfboards

No Worries!!! No Rap music used here ever. We promise.

What about Bob's boards...

You want a longboard or fish. Custom, extravagant, high quality.

You want a really bitchen, and really fun surfboard. You want top quality materials and the industry’s foremost artisans. You want the right rocker for the waves you ride. Check, check, check, check, check!

You have arrived. Right place.  Right time. Right concepts.  Right execution. Not cheap.  Not common.  Not boring. You want the best, you get it. A really fun surfboard that is also a looker.  Training by Terry Martin and Rick James. Talents from the Lord God Almighty!  Brand new to the mix is abstract artwork by Pamela Pharnes, framed within the classic surfboard tape-offs you have always loved.

So, consider the possibilities, noodle-out a color scheme or let us.  When you get ready, let’s craft a new, custom, extravagant, high-quality surfboard just for you. Email Bob Howard at:


Artwork on "Boneyard model" inspired by sea shells from Scorpion Bay.  Glassing by Waterman's Guild... surfboard rendered for top surfer Andrea Kabwasa, Los Angeles

Photo  by Guy Motil

Photo by Guy Motil

Computer graphics by A. Kabwasa